The best quality of delivered by Company products supervises highly qualified and experienced team of controllers equipped with high quality Coordinate Measuring Machines and many other controlling and measuring devices.

The main CMM machine in our laboratory is Carl Zeiss CONTURA G3 with RDS sensor which provide the highest quality and precise measurements of produced by our company parts.

Another 3D equipment in our laboratory is ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner which provide the capture of data from almost any object surface.

The professional software enables us comparison of achieved our products parameters with its 3D model assumptions.

Apart from the dimensional control of our products, we also control  their strength. Our laboratory is fitted with the Zwick//Roell Allround 100 kN Testing Machine suitable for control of the strength of our ready products or raw materials.

To control the welded in our Company parts we have also the station where using a special equipment and digital microscope, we can check the quality of the weld.