“Single parts in assembly can create something great!”

Our company offers also assembling as additional process for stamping products. It gives customers more possibilities and dynamics in their production.

One type of assembly parts are welded components. In the process we are using modern and high class welding cells. We are able to weld very complex assemblies fulfilling high requirements. In this area we can present half shells, tail pipes, brackets, bosses etc. w przypadku bardzo napiętego czasu In case of very tight timing

Some elements requires combined fasteners. Following the direction in our components we are joining many types of connecting components by using projection welding and self clinching. These processes are carried either manually and in die welding or clinching.

Additional processes which we can not include the previously mentioned are tightening, gluing, testing and even more.

To fulfill special assembly requirement selected components are produced on individual dedicated assembly stations. It gives us opportunity to meet even most difficult requirements of our customers.