Press shop

Press shop

“The force is on our side!”


A 2000t force SERVO Transfer press allows us to produce almost all of the parts used in modern vehicles. With 7,3 meter of bolster length we are able to produce parts like bumper beams, A/B/C pillars, floor components and many more with maximum width of 2000mm.


The SERVO-driven press shop is equipped with the most modern presses including automatic lines from 200t force, through 400t, 630t and 800t up to the biggest 2000t production line.


Despite a wide range of automatic production lines we are also well equipped with a variety of manual machines securing our Customers’ needs in a matter of low-runners production, even for big size parts using 2300t Manual Tandem Line and Hydraulic machines for deep drawing.

Machinery Overview

Automatic Lines

From 200t up to 2000t

Tandem Line


Manual presses

From 63t up to 500t