“Putting all things together for the benefits on your line”

Assembly department is processing stamped parts from our Press Shop providing our customers with highly processed assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Great variety of technologies available allows us to find optimal solution for each product and customer.

Availability of latest joining techniques like Laser Welding and Low Energetic Arc Welding (MicroMIG/CMT) enables us to deliver demanding products with highest quality.

It is important to highlight that we are able to weld materials from 0,5mm thickness what is crucial in era of weight reduction and fuel consumption reduction.

For both, Arc Welding and Projection Welding, we are basing on newest welding systems with full process control to secure repeatable highest quality of products delivered to our customers.

Each robotized cell is exclusively design for the individual needs of the customer and product itself.

Despite “hot” joining processes we are as well providing products with clinching, riveting, tapping, screw/nut fixing, gluing, etc…


Machinery Overview

Arc Welding Systems (including MicroMIG/CMT)

Up to 400A


Up to 9 axis

Projection Welding machines

Up to 250kVA